Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues

I treat the full-spectrum of eating disorders and body image issues in adolescents and adults using psychodynamic and dialectical behavior therapy and an intuitive (mindfulness-based) eating approach. Taking a compassionate and non-judgmental stance, I recognize the difficulty of change, and the ambivalence some individuals may have about modifying or relinquishing eating disorder symptoms.

My view of eating disorders is as a maladaptive (harmful) way of coping with one's pain. I help my clients uncover the issues underlying their eating disorder and teach positive, alternative ways of coping with their feelings so that they no longer need to use their eating disorder symptoms.

Some of the disorders/problems I treat are:

Bulimia              Compulsive Exercisers
Anorexia           Body Dysmorphic Disorder

If you or a loved-one is struggling with body image or disordered eating, please feel free to call me for a free phone consultation at 973 222-7863 to see how I can be of help. I look forward to hearing from you.

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